Palais Récup at the Greenest Day of North – Oct 14, 2018

Curious about all those green doers in the North? Especially for you, we will celebrate the Greenest Day of North this Sunday, October 14, a walking and cycling route along all sustainable initiatives in Noord. Share your dream for a green, sustainable and circular North!

Between 14.00-16.00 hrs, self-builder Frank Alsema will give a tour in Palais Récup, his remarkable self-build home in the district of the future: Circular Buiksloterham. Palais Récup is built from recycled material and uses various new techniques for heating; heatpipes, infrared panels, pellet stoves, heat pump, heat recovery installation (WTW), woodstove with particulate filter, rainwater that is reused for toilet, worm hotel and of course plenty of green on the rooftop garden!

With the Greenest Day of North we do not only want to inspire others, we also want to connect initiatives with each other. Precisely because local cooperation and meeting really make a difference. Together we make more possible! Because that is the Sustainable 100 of Noord: a neighborhood supermarket of green doers and above all an invitation to cooperation. By working together we are working on a circular city. North as the first ‘Donut district’ of the Netherlands, how beautiful is that!

A lot of inspiring ‘green’ initiatives are happening in Amsterdam North. If you would like to know what kind of things. Join the Greenest day of North and meet plenty of entrepreneurs, artists and other initiatives.

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