About us

Palais Récup

Palais Récup is a home-work house built of collected materials of ‘unfinished’ or obsolete buildings from all over the country. The house is a play area and a laboratory for new technology and energy supplies; how can I act differently and how can I do it myself? Palais Récup offers a remarkable living and workplace for single-households who want to add something to the philosophy of the house and a ‘third space’ for art and culture, entrepreneurial initiatives and meetings in Amsterdam Noord.

Where does the name come from?

‘Palais’ stands for grand and compelling. The huge project that Frank started in 2013 and the construction that resulted from it. It also stands for fantasy and romance; the realization of a dream. ‘Récup’ comes from the French word ‘récuperation’ which stands for reuse, recovery, recharging. In Flemish you record a ‘recup day’; a day to recover. The house is not only about the circularity of energy and materials, but also about ideas and ways of living. Palais Récup invites you to think about the future and to participate in experiments.

Home builder Frank Alsema

Frank Alsema (1958) is originally a television director (from Sesame Street to Pinkpop). Frank has lost his heart to Noord since his directorship of the NDSM cultural area (2010-2013). In 2013 he bought a lot in Buiksloterham and a year later the first pile went into the ground. He now occupies part of the house and is working on the completion of the construction. In addition to the construction of his house, Frank is also active in the city lab Buiksloterham Circulair. He regularly acts as an expert in the field of circular building and entrepreneurship and participates in the debate about the future of the city in, among others, Pakhuis de Zwijger. In addition, he is working on his old dream to make his profession of television director accessible to everyone via your mobile phone.

Contact details

Palais Récup is located at
Monnikskapstraat 24
1032 LM Amsterdam

Interested in a visit or more information? Send an email to info@palaisrecup.nl or follow us via Facebook or Twitter. You can also register for the Palais Récup mailing list.

Palais Récup is a ‘Mijn-geld-gaat-goed’ project from Triodos Bank.