The back house of Palais Récup consists of three single apartments with different outdoor areas. The house is located in the rapidly developing Amsterdam North; an attractive living and working space for environmentally conscious residents, with a view on the NDSM shipyard and Papaverpark.

The residents of Palais Récup contribute to the circular vision of the house and give something in return to live here. They play a role in the programming of the ‘third space‘ of the main house and help to let the circular energy flow, literally and figuratively. The residents experience what it is like to live in a sustainable home.

For rent: three apartments

Each apartment offers approx. 40 m2 of tastefully decorated living space with smart television, streaming audio, coffee maker, wifi, comfortable bed, linen, fully equipped kitchen, shower, toilet and a large private outdoor area.

Residents jointly use a washing accomodation on the first floor, energy of the sun, heat by the CO2 neutral pellet stove and sun, rainwater for toilets and garden, the garage on the ground floor for bicycles and the spacious staircase with northern light, ideal for a gallery with changing art exhibitions.


24 Hour Office (rent out)

  • 1st floor
  • working and living go together in this symmetrical space
  • pragmatic and personal
  • glass doors to Japanese courtyard
  • rent per month, including all costs for energy, internet and water


2 Rooms (available from August 15, 2021)

  • 2nd floor
  • two rooms; bedroom and sitting-dining kitchen
  • spacious overgrown balcony with vertical garden
  • view on NDSM
  • rent per month, including all costs for energy, internet and water



City Loft (rent out, available from September 1, 2021)

  • 3rd floor
  • penthouse experience
  • spacious, sun-drenched and green terrace
  • view of Buiksloterham and NDSM
  • rent per month, including all costs for energy, internet and water




  • Papaver park in front of the door
  • a few steps from the Ceuvel and the NDSM
  • many restaurants such as Bar Boeket and cultural venue De Ruimte


  • 10 min by bus or bicycle to Central Station
  • garage for your bike


Please contact Frank Alsema, 06-5111 8979.

@Gabriela Hengeveld Photography